Fair? Looks like stacking the deck to me!


If someone asks you to sign a petition for “Fair Districts for Summit County,” they are really doing the Republicans’ dirty work.

The petition will redraw the district lines and kick at least two sitting County Council Democrats out of office.

Republican policies just aren’t working and the voters have said so in Summit County.

The Republicans know that they can’t win on their issues, so they have to redraw the lines and go behind the voters’ backs to take seats on County Council.

Here’s the bottom line: the voters of Summit County last year overwhelmingly elected Republicans for 4 of the 5 state-wide races, and at the same time, they voted for three Democrats for Summit County Council At-Large, booting out the lone At-Large Republican.

That says that even though Summit County voters wanted Republicans at the state level, they wanted Democrats working for them on County Council.

Oh, and by the way, that lone At-Large Republican who lost last year?

He’s one of the folks pushing this petition.

Ask yourself – does signing this petition help the voters, or help the Republicans get seats that they can’t win in a fair election?

In the end, this petition is just another example of partisan politics trumping fair representation.

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