Onward into 2016!


Fellow Democrats,

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank and congratulate each of you for an amazing 2015 here in Summit County.

Together, you fought hard and laid some amazing groundwork for 2016. You defeated a Republican attempt to gerrymander our County Council districts, you came together with us to fund a county-wide sample ballot program, and you made it possible for our Party to contribute meaningfully to some of our most important races.

Congratulations, especially, go out to Akron's new Mayor, Daniel M. Horrigan, the Akron Municipal Court's new Judge, Jon Oldham, the Stow Municipal Court's new Clerk, Diana Colavecchio, and all of the other great Democrats who fought hard for the privilege of serving our communities with integrity and Democratic values.

We also owe much thanks to the amazing team of officers, interns, and volunteers here at the Summit County Democratic Party who continued working hard to put this organization on a stronger footing in my absence. Special thanks go out to Sandra Kurt, Chris Grimm, Russ Balthis, Bill Rich, and Pete Nischt for their dedication to that cause. I especially appreciate all of the hard work that Sandra Kurt dedicated to our Party as Acting Chair. "Thanks, Sandra!"

Democrats all over Summit County rose to new and unexpected challenges last year, and we accomplished some amazing things together. I am thrilled about the opportunity to continue our good work in 2016, and I can't wait to put another Democrat in the White House.






Jeff Fusco
Summit County Democratic Party