Vote today (and be safe out there)!

Good morning, all!


Whether you're working the polls, in the boiler room, on the street, or standing in line to cast your ballot, we thank you for your participation in this year's historic election!

There has already been some buzz in the press this morning about the voter intimidation tactics that will be used today by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. We'd like to remind everyone to please be safe out there. If someone is harassing you, do not engage with them. Please be courteous and place a phone call to:

the Summit County Democratic Party: 330-434-1311

the Summit County Board of Elections: 330-643-5200

Local Law Enforcement: 911

Remember, it is the right of everyone to engage in campaign activities outside of the 100 foot markers at polling places, today. But, these activities should never prevent you from voting. The fact that the GOP is blatantly resorting to these kinds of tactics is reason enough to get out there and cast your ballot. We are on the right side of history.

Finally, below is our sample ballot! Now, let's get out there and make it happen!