Elected Democratic Officials

U.S. Congressional Delegation


Sherrod Brown
D-OH | U.S. Senate

Washington, DC
tel (202) 224-2315
fax (202) 228-6321

Cleveland, OH
tel (216) 522-7272
fax (216) 522-2239

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Marcia L Fudge
OH-11 | U.S. House

Washington, DC
tel (202) 225-7032
fax (202) 225-1339

Akron, OH
tel (330) 835-4785
fax (330) 835-4863

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Tim J Ryan
OH-13 | U.S. House

Washington, DC
tel (202) 225-5261
fax (202) 225-3719

Akron, OH
tel (330) 630-7311
fax (330) 630-7314

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Ohio Supreme Court


Melody J Stewart
Ohio Supreme Court

Ohio Supreme Court
65 South Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215

tel (614) 387-9000


Michael P Donnelly
Ohio Supreme Court

Ohio Supreme Court
65 South Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215

tel (614) 387-9000



Ohio Senate

Vernon Sykes
OH-28 | Ohio Senate
Ohio Senate
1 Capitol Square,
Ground Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215
tel (614) 466-7041

Ohio House of Representatives


Emilia S. Sykes
OH-34 | Ohio House

77 S. High St 
10th Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215
tel (614) 466-3100 
fax (614) 719-6944



Tavia Galonski
OH-35 | Ohio House

77 S. High St 
10th Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215
tel (614) 644-6037 
fax (614) 719-6945



Casey Weinstein
OH-37 | Ohio House

77 S. High St 
10th Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215
tel (614) 466-1177 
fax (614) 719-6942 


Countywide Elected Officials


Ilene Shapiro
County Executive

175 S. Main St
Suite 207
Akron, OH 44308

tel (330) 643-2510



Kristen M. Scalise
County Fiscal Officer

175 South Main St
Akron, Ohio 44308

tel 1-888-388-5613



Sandra J. Kurt
County Clerk of Courts

205 S. High St  
Akron, OH 44308



Sherri Bevan Walsh
County Prosecutor

175 S. Main St 
Akron, OH 44308



Steve Barry
County Sheriff

209 S. High St 
Akron, OH 44308



Alan Brubaker
County Engineer

538 East South Street     Akron, OH 44311


John  Schmidt  Summit County Council, District 2
Jeff  Wilhite Summit County Council, District 4
David  Hamilton  Summit County Council, District 5
Jerry  Feeman  Summit County Council, District 6
Paula  Prentice  Summit County Council, District 8
John A.  Donofrio  Summit County Council, At-Large
Elizabeth  Walters  Summit County Council, At-Large
Clair  Dickinson  Summit County Council, At-Large
Elliot Kolkovich 27th State Central Committeeman
Christina Shaw 27th State Central Committeewoman
Elizabeth Walters 28th State Central Committeeman
Pete Crossland 28th State Central Committeeman
Mary Margaret Rowlands Summit County Common Pleas Court
Susan Baker Ross Summit County Common Pleas Court
Joy Malek Oldfield Summit County Common Pleas Court
Alison Breaux Summit County Common Pleas Court
Kathryn Michael Summit County Common Pleas Court
Kelly Mclaughlin Summit County Common Pleas Court
John Quinn Summit County Domestic Relations Court
Linda Tucci Teodosio Summit County Juvenile Court
Elinore Stormer Summit County Probate Court
Thomas Teodosio 9th District Court of Appeals
Daniel Horrigan Akron Mayor
Gerald Larson Akron Municipal Court Judge
David Hamilton Akron Municipal Court Judge
Jon Oldham Akron Municipal Court Judge
Ron Cable Akron Municipal Court Judge
Annalisa Williams Akron Municipal Court Judge
Nicole Walker Akron Municipal Court Judge
Jeff Fusco Akron Council-At-Large
Linda Omobien Akron Council-At-Large
Ginger Baylor Akron Council-At-Large
Rich Swirsky Akron Ward 1 Council
Phil Lombardo Akron Ward 2 Council
Margo Sommerville Akron Ward 3 Council
Russel Neal Akron Ward 4 Council
Tara Mosley-Samples Akron Ward 5 Council
Brad McKitrick Akron Ward 6 Council
Donnie Kammer Akron Ward 7 Council
Shammas Malik Akron Ward 8 Council
Michael Freeman Akron Ward 9 Council
Sharon Connor Akron Ward 10 Council
Valerie McKitrick Akron School Board Of Education
Derrick Hall Akron School Board Of Education
Bruce Alexander Akron  School Board Of Education
Dr. NJ Akbar Akron School Board Of Education
Patrick Bravo Akron School Board Of Education
Lisa Mansfield Akron School Board Of Education
William Judge Barberton Mayor
Jeremy Flaker Barberton Director of Finance
Lisa Miller Barberton Director Of Law
Craig Megyes Barberton President Of Council
Renee Fox Barberton Clerk Of Council
Carla Debevec Barberton Council-At-Large
Shorter Griffin Barberton Council-At-Large
Adelina Angeloff Barberton Ward 2 Council
Shorter Griffin Barberton Ward 3 Council
Shaun Jaber Barberton Ward 4 Council
Barbara Coburn Barberton Ward 5 Council
Carol Frey Barberton Ward 6 Council
Shawna Angeloff Barberton School Board Of Education
David Polacek Barberton School Board Of Education
Thomas Harnden Barberton School Board Of Education
Donald Walters Cuyahoga Falls Mayor
Tim Gorbach Cuyahoga Falls Council-At-Large
Drew Reilly Cuyahoga Falls Ward 1 Council
Susan Spinner Cuyahoga Falls Ward 2 Council
Meika Penta Cuyahoga Falls Ward 3 Council
Mary Nichols-Rhodes Cuyahoga Falls Ward 4 Council
Michael Brillhart Cuyahoga Falls Ward 5 Council
Jerry James Cuyahoga Falls Ward 7 Council
Frank Stams Cuyahoga Falls Ward 8 Council
Patty White Cuyahoga Falls School Board
Anthony Gomez Cuyahoga Falls School Board
Kathleen Moffet Cuyahoga Falls School Board
Karen Schofield Cuyahoga Falls School Board
Ronald Reed Coventry Local School Board
James Borchik Copley-Fairlawn School Board
Paula Lynn Copley-Fairlawn School Board
Barbara Potts Fairlawn Ward 2 Council
Philip Brillhart Fairlawn Ward 4 Council
Lisa Dean Green Law Director
Matthew Shaughnessy Green Ward 4 Council
David Cohen Green Local School Board Of Education
Catherine Stoynoff Green Local School Board Of Education
James Field Hudson City School Board Of Education
Steven Dimauro Hudson City School Board Of Education
Nicholas Molnar Macedonia Mayor
Mary Foster Macedonia Clerk Of Mayor's Court
Jessica Brandt Macedonia Council-At-Large
Janet Tulley Macedonia Council-At-Large
Cindy Mcdonald Manchester Local School Board
Richard Sponseller Manchester Local School Board
John Hegnauer Munroe Falls Council-At-Large
Christopher Ritzinger Munroe Falls Ward 2 Council
Allen Mavrides Munroe Falls Ward 3 Council
Paul Adamson New Franklin Mayor
Andrea Norris New Franklin Council-At-Large
Terry Harget New Franklin Ward 2 Council
David Stock New Franklin Ward 3 Council
Elizabeth Mckinley Nordonia School Board
Joseph Kernan Norton Council-At-Large
Scott Pelot Norton Council-At-Large
Dennis Mcglone Norton Ward 2 Council
Louis Ule Norton School Board Of Education
Patrick Santelli Norton School Board Of Education
Claudia Hower Revere Local School Board Of Education
Laurie Pinney Richfield Township Fiscal Officer
Larry Petry Springfield Local School Board
Neal Hess Springfield Local School Board
John Pribonic Stow Mayor
Amber Zibritosky Stow Municipal Court Clerk
Jim Costello Sow Director of Finance
Jaime Syx Stow Director of Law
Cyle Feldman Stow Council At Large
Christina Shaw Stow Council At Large
David Licate Stow-Munroe Falls City School Board
Nancy Brown Stow-Munroe Falls City School Board
David Kline Tallmadge Mayor
Mollie Gilbride Tallmadge Director Of Finance
Megan Raber Tallmadge Director Of Law
Michael Carano Tallmadge Council-At-Large
James Donovan Tallmadge Council-At-Large
Craig Sisak Tallmadge Ward 1 Council
Carol Kilway Tallmadge Ward 4 Council
Mark Fairhurst Tallmadge School Board
Sam Scaffide Twinsburg Ward 1 Council
Daisy Walker Twinsburg Ward 2 Council
Mark Curtis Twinsburg School Board Of Education
Robert Bartko Boston Hts Council
Janet Miller Boston Hts Council
Richard  Cole Lakemore Mayor
Anne Snyder Lakemore Council
Laura Cochran Lakemore Council
Richard Cole Lakemore Council
Joshua Timko Lakemore Council
Michael Rick Mogadore Mayor
Bobby McDowall Mogadore Council
Chris Yoho Mogadore Council
Barbara Van Dike Mogadore Council
Mary Miller Mogadore Council
Michael Raddish Mogadore Council
Michelle Yoho Mogadore School Board
Jeffrey Czerr Northfield Ward B Council
Renell Noack Northfield Ward C Council
Daniel Schneider Peninsula Mayor
John Stiegel Peninsula Fiscal Officer
Richard Fisher Peninsula Council
Diane Holody Peninsula Council
Michael Kaplan Peninsula Council
Daniel Schneider Peninsula Council
Samuel Alonso Reminderville Mayor
Becki Kovach Reminderville Council
Mike Wheeler Richfield Mayor
Ralph Waszak Richfield Council
Bernie Hovey Silver Lake Mayor
Matthew Plesich Silver Lake District D Council
Deobrah Steel Silver Lake Park Board
Rebecca Corbett Township Of Bath Trustee
Randolph Bergdorf Boston Township Trustee
Amy Anderson Boston Township Trustee
William Clifton Boston Township Trustee
Pamela Schneider Boston Township Fiscal Officer
Laura Steimle Sagamore Hills Fiscal Officer
Dean Young Springfield Township Trustee
Tania Johnson Twinsburg Township Fiscal Officer 
Jamey Defabio Twinsburg Township Trustee
Thomas Schmidt Twinsburg Township Trustee