Intern Profile - Bailey Sandin

Bailey Sandin

“Your vote and your voice matter. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.”

There is a new force behind the Summit County Democratic Party’s social media presence, and that force is Bailey Sandin. Since taking over the party’s web presence this spring, following a sleepless summer and fall canvassing for the Paula Prentice campaign, Bailey has enthusiastically kept followers on Twitter and Facebook informed and engaged as the Party rebuilds for 2016 and beyond. Social media readership is up, and people genuinely like what she has to say, but not too many people know who’s been behind the magic as of late.

Bailey, who is an incoming junior at the University of Akron pursuing majors in both Political Science and Media Studies, along with a minor in Arabic, became passionate about politics working on the debate team in high school, where she says she first discovered what issues she cares about. She was also inspired politically by her father, who is a union member working for General Motors.

Bailey is here fighting for equality, whether that be in the form of marriage rights, freedom of religion, women’s rights, freedom of speech and the press, or the right to organize. She hates the cynical view of politics that has become more and more pervasive amongst people her age and believes that politics is still the best way to affect positive change in the world.

In her free time, Bailey is an avid concert-goer and loves to write and cook. She grew up in Youngstown, but came to Summit County for college. She decided to intern with the Summit County Democratic Party because of the tremendous experience she had working for the Paula Prentice campaign and because she says she was inspired by how passionate our Executive Director is about Akron and Democratic Politics.

If you see Bailey around the office or around the County, make sure you say “hi” to this up and coming journalist! After college, Bailey is planning to pursue a career in political journalism, where she hopes to report on the United States and the Middle East. She is one of the hardest working people we’ve ever met, and we think she’s got what it takes!