Thank you for 2015!

2015 was a great year for the Summit County Democratic Party! We bounced back from some rough losses in 2014 to strengthen our Party and take some key offices away from the Republicans, most notably the Akron Municipal Judgeship now held by Jon Oldham and the Stow Clerk of Courts, taken back by Diana Colavecchio. We also stopped dead in its tracks the Republican scheme to gerrymander County Council districts and take away minority representation. Thank you for YOUR help in our successes!
We started out 2015 with a listening tour through the County, learning where we can improve. As a result of those conversations, we held a PC Training Day at the end of May, which had great participation and where you told us you appreciated learning the tools that would help you help our candidates to be successful.
In July, we brought back the Summit County Democratic Party Family Day. The weather was perfect and the food was delicious, but the camaraderie and fellowship was what made it really stand out. We loved having Congressman Tim Ryan attend with his wife and adorable little son!
Our fundraisers throughout the year not only gave us opportunities to enjoy each other's company, but they gave us the resources necessary to win. Our Valentine's Day party, Mayor's Gala, Blue Cocktail Hour, Holiday Party, and especially the 16th Annual FDR Dinner with special guest Congressman Joaquin Castro were successful, thanks to you. The FDR Dinner is always a great chance to share our pride by recognizing our outstanding Democrats and this year was no exception.
The excellent turnout at the FDR Dinner gave us critical funds to help achieve our victories. The proceeds allowed us to mail the Democratic sample ballot to Democratic households, something we weren't able to do in 2014, giving our candidates across the County an extra "touch" to solid Democratic voters. The FDR Dinner also gave us the funds necessary to help Jon Oldham and Diana Colavecchio with additional resources right before Election Day, giving them that final push over the finish line to victory. Without everyone's support of the FDR Dinner, we probably would not be celebrating the victories we have.
We are excited to go into 2016 stronger than we were a year ago, better prepared to be a critical factor when Ohio again takes our Democratic Presidential nominee over the victory line to keep the White House! We look forward to working with you to make Summit County the key to Democratic wins all the way up and down the ticket!
Have a safe, joyous, and fun-filled holiday season with your loved ones!

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